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FEVR Token

$FEVR Token

Introducing $FEVR: the RealFevr fuel

RealFevr is composed of two moving parts, the fantasy leagues and the collectibles marketplace, that are united through $FEVR - the token that unlocks all incentives within our ecosystem.

The main goal of the FEVR token is to open the door to web3, where you, the user, are the central piece of the network and the main beneficiary of RealFevr's products. In sum, $FEVR is a gateway to RealFevr's packs of football everlasting moments, clubs launchpad, subscription pools, token leagues, and every other feature we release in the future.

By using the Fevr token, fans can collect, borrow and lend digital collectibles fully backed by Intellectual Property.

To learn more about $FEVR and the token ecosystem, please read the litepaper.

Contract Address: 0x82030cdbd9e4b7c5bb0b811a61da6360d69449cc

$FEVR ecosystem

$FEVR token ecosystem

FEVR Ecosystem infographic

On the left of the FEVR Ecosystem infographic, we have the Fantasy Leagues and on the right, the Collectibles Marketplace. To access packs and video collectibles, fans need to acquire FEVR tokens.

It’s important to note that the fans are always the owners of the assets, both the tokens and the collectibles, even they lend them.

Business model

RealFevr’s business model is composed of various moving parts. Fans can not only play free fantasy leagues and token leagues, but also purchase Video Collectibles packs that will award them unique IP-protected digital football NFTs. To acquire and trade these forever lasting football moments fans need to use RealFevr’s token, $FEVR.

First pack revenue share

First pack
revenue share

After possessing FEVR tokens in their Binance Smart Chain address, fans can acquire digital collectibles packs. Below is the fee distribution per account.

The fee distribution per account will be the follow: 50% for Right Holders, 40% Locked for a unspecified amount of time and 10% for RealFevr.

Fees & royalties

Fees & royalties

All RealFevr Digital Collectibles marketplace transactions will incur a maximum 5% fee. Loyalty programs will be implemented to reward fans who buy and sell on a recurring basis. Additionally, RealFevr incorporates a perpetual royalty to all right-holders, which is negotiated case by case and is fixed to all transactions after the first sale. This way, we protect and reward the official intellectual property (IP) of right-holders.



Fans who wish to receive packs on a recurring basis, may lock FEVR tokens in a specified smart contract that will award them a number of packs per drop. Hence, instead of waiting in queue at each drop, or to avoid missing packs everytime there is a new drop, fans can adopt the subscription model. The price for each subscription depends on the number of spots available.

Borrow and lending

Borrow and lending

Instead of just selling the digital asset in the marketplace, fans can borrow and lend video collectibles from and to other fans.

When a fan lends a video collectible, he will get extra FEVR tokens. When a fan borrows a video collectible, he will pay FEVR tokens to the other fan. However, because the asset is returned to the original owner, the amounts charged will be much more affordable.

Clubs launchpad

Clubs launchpad

Any club can join the RealFevr ecosystem and deploy their own collectibles that will immediately trade in the FEVR marketplace and get the exposure of all the marketplace users.

There is no cost associated with this service as we believe in decentralization and empowering organizations, especially at such a dire time, when clubs are facing a shortage of revenue related to the pandemic restrictions.

In-game video collectibles

In-game video collectibles

Within the RealFevr ecosystem, collectibles will be used in-game, to get bonus points, power ups and boost for the players in each fans’ fantasy teams. This is, collectibles will award extra points to fantasy league teams.

This way, RealFevr effectively becomes the first widely adopted fantasy league platform to use unique digital collectibles as an economic incentive within the game, to reward players and fans for participating.

Fantasy Leagues

Fantasy Leagues

There are two types of leagues: free leagues and token leagues. In free leagues, players can pay a subscription to help them achieve better results. In token leagues fans will be able to wager FEVR tokens. Therefore, RealFevr’s business model covers the more traditional subscription-based and advertising channels revenue model, as well as the nouveau cryptocurrency revenue channel by charging a wagering fee.


The FEVR token was launched in Binance Smart Chain, through an IDO in Polkastarter. Furthermore, below you can find all the tokenomics and its utility.

Distribution Table

$FEVR token
Token supply: 16 000 000 000
$FEVR token distribution table

Distribution Periodicity

$FEVR token distribution periodicity

$FEVR Utility

FEVR token is the main fuel of the RealFevr ecosystem. The goal of the token is to be used as the currency of reference in the collectibles marketplace. Essentially, any operation that takes place within the RealFevr ecosystem will occur with the FEVR token as the base currency.

Additionally, RealFevr will incorporate other token mechanisms such as monthly package subscriptions, borrowing and lending of digital collectibles, among other features to increase and maximize the utility of the FEVR token.

$FEVR token utility


$FEVR token roadmap